time for a night out

Time for a Night Out

Hungry? How About A meal At a Restaurant? Make a Night of It And Arrange Mini Bus Hire

Food is our fuel, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying every mouthful. An evening at a restaurant can be a great way to socialise with friends.

To ensure everyone has a great time, it’s a good idea to arrange mini bus hire. Coventry has an abundance of restaurants to choose from.

Italian – feel the love

Italian food is considered romantic. Italian is also a family affair – picture big trestle tables loaded with panzanella, meatballs, fettuccine alfredo and braciola, topped off with a creamy panna cotta for dessert and washed down with a limoncello. One word sums up Italian cuisine: bellissimo.

Indian – spice things up a bit

Step away from that Chicken Tikka Masala, there are a vast array of different curries available, why not see what else is on the menu? How about a Dal makhana? (Punjabi mixed lentil creamy curry).

There are so many types of curry available it would be a shame to stick to your regular. Live a little, give your taste-buds a treat!

You could gather your friends and make a night of it – organise mini bus hire, Coventry could be the place to search out your favourite new Indian dish!

English – more than meat and two veg

England isn’t renowned for its cuisine, which is a shame as we have some fabulous chefs, eateries and dishes on offer. Traditional British fare started out simple in flavour e.g. game, boiled vegetables, cheese and breads.

As time went on the British were exposed to food imports from India and China and tastes became more adventurous.

Nowadays British classics are firm favourites on restaurant menus (sometimes being given a modern twist), you will find more than meat and two veg. Fancy food aside, you will probably still see a queue for fish and chips on a Saturday evening!

Chinese – the yin and yang of taste

Chinese cuisine prides itself on balancing opposites in terms of taste, think sweet and sour, hot and cold, spicy and mild – taste sensations.

If you want to be authentic you should use traditional chopsticks to eat. Why not have a fun night out with friends and a tasty Chinese?

Book mini bus hire, Coventry, as it has a number of Chinese restaurants waiting to be discovered.

Booked your table? Don’t forget to sort out mini bus hire, Coventry has a first-rate company for that

Coventry Minibus Hire is a friendly, family run business and we like to offer first-rate customer service. Our objective is to get you to your destination on time and at an affordable cost.

Our drivers are professional and our vehicles are top-quality, let us ferry you and your friends to and from your chosen restaurant.