time for a night out

Stay Safe With Coventry Minibus Hire

You want to go on a great night out, but the issue of transport can be messy. How will you make sure that you will get there and back safely?

Instead of relying on public transport or taking a chance with taxis, Coventry minibus hire is the way to go.

Here’s why it’s the best way to ensure you have the best night out ever.

Know who you’re booking with

The problem with taxis is that they can be hailed from the street. They’re convenient when you want to get home, but you don’t really know who you’re jumping in with.

If you want to pre book, they can’t hold the whole party together, so it’s easy to get split up.

Pre book with a minibus company and you’ll know who’s coming before they even arrive at your door.

Keep your group together

As we just mentioned, it’s a real danger that people in your group can get separated during the night. This is especially true when it’s time to come home.

You don’t want one friend to disappear and have to spend hours trying to find them again. Instead, use Coventry minibus hire and you can get them home safely, together.

Pay only one price

If everyone gets home in different taxis or other modes of transports, you’re all going to be paying full price. That money, quite frankly, could be spent on better things.

If you book with a minibus service, they can quote you a price over the phone. That price can be split between you all, making the travel bill much more manageable.

Plus, there will be no disagreements over price, because it’s already been decided.

Book in advance

There’s nothing worse than leaving a venue together, only to find that the taxi queue is stretched around the block and the night buses have stopped.

Rather than taking off your high heels and walking home, book a minibus before you head out for the night.

That way, you know when you head outside it’ll be there ready and waiting for you. You’ll be glad to see it when your feet are sore from all that dancing!

Get home together

The best part of any night out, arguably, is getting home, kicking your shoes off, and analysing what happened. Who saw who, what occurred and what’s going to happen tomorrow?

If you use Coventry minibus hire, you’ll all get home together, so it’s easy to start dissecting the night’s events, and planning the next big night out.

If you want to keep you and your friends safe while you’re out on the town, talk to us at Coventry Minibus Hire.

We’ll agree a price with you before you travel, and be ready and waiting for you at the agreed time.

Once you’ve got to the venue in one of our minibuses once, you’ll never want to travel without one again