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For all the team

Keep Your Team Together With Mini Bus Hire Coventry

Whatever sports your team plays, there’s plenty of things you need to keep track of. Who’s playing well? Who’s in charge of collecting the money? Which team are you playing next?

What you may not have thought of, though, is how you are getting to your next game. Minibus hire Coventry can be the answer you’re looking for. Here’s how it can help your team reach the top and get everywhere you need to go.

Collect everyone from one location

Your game may be hours away and you can’t spend precious time running around collecting everyone. Using a mini bus means that everyone can congregate in one location, meaning they can all jump on the bus in one go, ready to head off to your next match. Then, all you have to worry about is winning.

Save on the cost of buying your own mini bus

Your team has discussed at length whether to buy your own minibus. It sounds like it would be easier to get around, as it would be ready when you are, but it would also be expensive. Mini bus hire Coventry could be the answer to this problem.

Hiring a bus means you don’t have to worry about who has to insure and store the bus. It also means that you’ll never have to MOT it, or perform any of its repairs. All you need to do is hire the bus and make sure you’re on it.

Be collected and dropped off

The team has to keep all their energy for the big game. You don’t want them having to trek halfway across town, coming to meet up before heading out. Mini bus hire Coventry is great, as they can both pick up from a central location, and drop everyone off too, afterwards. No one has to worry about the transportation at all.

Celebrate your wins with mini bus hire

Did you win the tournament? Fantastic! Of course, you’re going to want to celebrate. Mini bus hire doesn’t only get you to your games; it can take you all to a night on the town, too. Let your hair down and celebrate your win, without worrying about how you’ll get home afterwards.

Don’t worry about who’s going to drive

No one wants to have the argument about who’s going to drive you all to the game. If you’re all playing, it means one of you will be disadvantaged energy wise when you get there. If you’re travelling far away to play, it’ll only make things worse. Mini bus hire means that you also hire an expert driver, who’ll get you there safely. All you have to do it sit back and focus on being ready for the game.

If you’re looking for mini bus hire for your team, get in touch with Coventry Minibuses. We can offer you a quick, reliable, and safe service.