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Minibus or a mini bus?

What’s the difference between a minibus and a mini bus?

Sometimes we think our eyes can be deceiving us when we see something that just ‘doesn’t look right’. It had never occurred to us here at Coventry Minibuses that there was such a thing as a mini bus and we had always assumed there were just minibuses.

It then posed the question as to what the difference is and the use of the English language. Why? Because a minibus is meant to be what it says it is, a mini bus. But then if a mini bus is a minibus, then what do you call a small version of a full-size bus? And so the logic of the situation goes up in a puff of smoke.

But when you see a picture of what looks like one third of a full-size bus, almost a chopped off version of a full-size bus, you then begin to see the logic of it all. This type of bus would be perfect for bus routes to holiday destinations where passengers would have more than just a couple of shopping bags with them. Doesn’t it frustrate you sometimes to see massive ‘juggernaut’-style buses travelling along the roads with just seven or eight passengers on board? Clearly this is the solution.

Does it make us seem dull here at Coventry Minibus Hire when we admit that we only have the more ‘traditional’ minibus for hire? We hope not as we do go a few steps further to provide those wanting to hire a minibus in Coventry with something more than a scruffy old minibus. To begin with, all our ‘standard’ minibuses are standard by our parameters and are very much in pristine condition, all driven by highly experienced drivers.

We then crank it up a gear with our superb luxury Coventry minibus hire, a Mercedes Benz minibus with a sumptuous and oh-so-comfortable interior. But that is far from the full story. Here at Coventry minibuses we are acutely aware of the problems faced by those of you with restricted mobility. There is a difference between sliding into a taxi and having to climb aboard one of our minibuses. As a result, and in consideration of those who struggle with mobility, we don’t want to see you miss out so we have both Iveco and Ford Transit wheelchair-accessible minibuses which have tail hoists and which can accommodate up to 8 wheelchair-bound passengers.

Whichever type of minibus you need, here at Coventry Minibuses we are confident that not only do we have the right minibus for you, but that our prices will also be right for you. Whether it is for a couple of hours, a one-way trip or traveling to anywhere from Coventry, make sure you give us a call and we’ll gladly ensure that everything relating to your transport need is taken care of.