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Room for one more?

A group of you are heading off for the night, and long-winded discussions have gone on as to who will be doing the driving. Out of ten of you, two have to drive, which may mean that although two of you will still have fun, it may not be as much fun as the others.

Mind you, with three crammed into the back of a Peugeot 305 and a Ford Fiesta, like sardines, it isn’t going to be a whole barrel of laughs, for them either is it?

Of course you could hire a taxi, but 10-seater taxis are very thin on the ground and not always reliable or maybe three taxis, but think of the price? Then there’s always a minibus, but that will cost. Hang on there, who says it will cost?

You think minibuses are expensive? Let’s take a group of ten of you. That’s two cars and two lots of petrol or diesel. OK your buddies may chip in for the cost of fuel, but the costs of running a car are nowhere near covered by that. Parking at the other end? That’s times two, as with everything.  Know where you’re going exactly or are you putting your life in the hands of your sat-nav?

If you are on a boy’s night out, do you trust your ‘designated drivers’ not to drink? Do you panic if you see one of them with a pint in their hand, worrying whether that is the first and last one, or the first of two or three? Do you challenge them and then risk finding you have to walk home, or do you suffer in silence and just hope all will be well? Hardly a way to relax and enjoy yourself, is it?

With minibus hire in Coventry all this can be avoided, with each of you chipping in 10% for the hire of one of our quality minibuses and an experienced, reliable driver from Coventry Minibuses. Which is likely to be the more expensive? The math is easy; 25% of the cost of a taxi for four of you, or 10% for the cost of a minibus between ten of you? Now you’re beginning to get the picture!

Not only that, but on a minibus you can all interact equally and enjoy the fun from the moment you set off, as opposed to the drivers having to concentrate on the road when using own vehicles, while you try to do all you can to distract them. Then there is always that dreaded question, not from the passengers, but from the driver. “Anyone know the way?”

With Coventry minibus hire everything will be under control and you can sit back and relax in one of our standard, but well-equipped minibuses. Of course for a special occasion, like a day out at the races or an annual gathering, you have the option of one of our luxury Coventry minibuses too.

For peace of mind, guaranteed collection and delivery to any chosen venue, plus bringing you back (of course!) get in touch with us here at Coventry Minibuses and we’ll take all the hassle out of the equation for you.